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There is a huge amount of both true and false information about androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS). These drugs are sure to have a positive effect on athletes who train intensely, build muscle mass, or shed excess body fat.

Anyone can buy oral steroids, the main thing is to dispose of them wisely. When drugs are used in training, they are beneficial in preparing the athlete for competition. If you use them is not entirely fair, then you can get caught in doping control and get disqualified. It is unlikely that the second option is suitable for a good athlete who is thinking about his future.  

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Most often, these resources sell literally everything that your heart desires, but they cannot provide the necessary information on the rules for taking or the safety of the drug and its side effects. Our online store of sports pharmacology approaches all issues professionally. We try to provide our clients with as much information as possible, which will ultimately allow them to make the right choice.

Overview of Anabolic Steroids

In sports pharmacology, drugs appear that are called anabolic steroids. They play the role of testosterone in the body – the male sex hormone. When taking these drugs, muscle mass increases, strength indicators increase, and libido increases. Steroids have not only anabolic but also androgenic activity.

Some of them, when interacting with the aromatase enzyme, can be converted into estrogens – female hormones that affect the body. In order to get rid of the undesirable effects of aromatization, additional drugs are introduced into the course of steroids.

It is not difficult to buy steroids in Canada, you will find a lot of offers on the Internet. But you should not be interested in selling where everything is offered very inexpensively. Our site works only with proven drugs, whose effectiveness has been proven not only by clinical studies, but also by the reviews of our regular customers. The price of anabolic steroids in our store is competitive and adequate, you will see for yourself by comparing our offers with other online stores.

How anabolic steroids work

The action of anabolic steroids is very similar to the action of peptide hormones. When steroid molecules enter the bloodstream, they pass into all organs and systems of the body. They interact with the sebaceous glands, hair follicles, skeletal muscle cells, endocrine glands, and even with some parts of the cerebral cortex. Since steroids dissolve in fats, they easily penetrate into cells, whose membrane consists of fats. After the steroid molecule works with the cell nucleus, nucleic acid synthesis and protein formation begins in it.

When taking steroids, we will get the following effects: an increase in the rate of protein synthesis, an increase in muscle mass, an improvement in strength indicators, a strengthening of bones, a decrease in the layer of subcutaneous fat due to an acceleration of metabolism hgh .

When taking steroids, additional positive effects are also observed, such as improved appetite, decreased feelings of fear, increased self-esteem, improved mood, and increased libido.

Both men and women can take steroids. The latter have significantly lower dosages; they are not shown to all drugs on the market. But still, ladies who decide to go in for bodybuilding can find means for themselves in sports pharmacology.

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