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How To Pick the Best Spinnerbait Blade for Bass in Any Conditions

A largemouth legend explains the perfect recipes of thump, flash, and color to score more bass

When you walk into Lonnie Stanley’s office—or step onto his boat, which is in effect an extension of his office—it looks like a spinnerbait factory exploded there. The owner of the Stanley Jigs built his brand on leadheads with skirts, but no category of lure gives him more chances to channel his mad-scientist tendencies than a spinnerbait.

Even after four decades in the business, at an age when most people would have retired to…well, just go fishing…Stanley is still looking for that magic combination of skirts, wire, swivels, paint, and most importantly, blades to crush more big largemouths.

Many weekend anglers default to a 3/8- or 1/2-ounce tandem willowleaf spinnerbait, with one blade gold the other silver and a white or white-and-chartreuse skirt, and they’ll catch fish with it. But by sticking with that one version, they are missing out on chances at some giant bass. Just ask Stanley. After all, the man did not build a fishing-lure empire—not to mention qualify for five Bassmaster Classics, and get inducted into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame—by sticking to default lure choices. Here’s how he selects the perfect spinnerbait for any fishing conditions.