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Best Bass Baits For June: Three Lures that Work in Early Summer

In June, bass are energetic and are beginning to feed actively, as they do throughout the summer and into the fall. Some of the larger bass are spawning, which keeps them on their beds in the shallows, but the other fish are beginning to chase minnows and crawfish, and ambush dragonflies and frogs. There are a number of lures that work for bass in June, and it is good to be prepared when setting out for a day on the water.

Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing

Plastic worms are some of the most versatile bass baits around. They may be fished in a number of ways, and rigged differently, but for the most part, a hungry bass will be quick to inhale a plastic worm when it presents itself.

Some of the best plastic worms for bass in June are very easy to fish, such as the Zoom Finesse Worm, and the larger Trick Worm. These worms are slender, which causes them to undulate when they are retrieved, and they mimic everything from actual worms to minnows and elvers (juvenile eels). The best way to rig these worms is to hook them on an offset worm hook, size 2/0 or 3/0, and fish them unweighted if the winds are calm and the water depth is less than four feet, as recommended by Cave Prep. If weight is needed, try using a Slider head instead of the unweighted hook, or use a Carolina rig.

To fish these worms, cast out, then let them sink to the bottom, and twitch them up with the rod tip, and reel the slack as they resettle to the bottom. This will take much longer when fishing the worms unweighted, but often bass pick up the lures as they are slowly sinking back to the bottom. Yamamoto Senkos also work for this type of fishing.

Techniques for Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are large lures that mimic small schools of baitfish, or single larger baitfish swimming along near the surface. In June, it may be best to reel these baits faster so that they stay close to the surface, where struggling baitfish and frogs splash around (and the spinner bait, when near the surface, does its share of splashing). When bass see struggling fish in the warmer months, they often ambush them, so when the water is less than four feet deep, try reeling a spinner bait close to the top of the water column. As fish that would attack spinner baits are aggressive and not easily startled by the lure’s splashing and rattling, bright colors on these lures should not frighten fish, but would act as an extra attractant. Chartreuse, white, and yellow baits, with bright silver or gold blades work wonders for bass in early summer, but at times they will take black spinner baits. Always retrieve these lures with a steady reeling action.

Tubes That Imitate Crawfish

Crawfish are out in June, and no bass will refuse one of these tasty morsels crawling and darting along the mud. And tubes are some of the best crawfish imitations for bass. Jig and Pigs also work, but tubes are more versatile, because when retrieved faster, they can represent fleeing baitfish as well. But the best retrieve for a tube is to fish it as if it were a crawfish. Use any tube jighead for one of these, which sinks it to the bottom like a fleeing crayfish. Then, twitch the rod tip up, making the tube dart up off of the bottom, after which it will drop back to it like a crayfish after it has kicked its tail. Work the bottom all of the way back, and bass in the area will be sure to engulf this bait. As with plastic worms, tubes in darker, natural colors, such as pumpkin, watermelon, and smoke, tend to work best.